The creation of an educational institution is often an act of faith and in the expression of that faith lies a tremendous philosophy that guides the actions of those who fashion and manage such institutions. The purpose behind inception of JIMS, was to create a high priority national asset fully equipped to develop our young human resources to meet the needs of our wealth-creating business organizations.

At JIMS Delhi we truly believe that learning is a life-long adventure that begins with discovery. We are fully cognizant of our responsibility to transform what we know into useful practice. We strive to integrate and share what we know with our students, academic peers, and others. Our passion for learning is sustained by intellectual curiosity and scholarship, and we endeavor to instil this same passion in our students by actively engaging them in their own learning by setting high expectations for academic achievement and by mentoring.

We place special emphasis on the holistic development of our students. Our one-year personality development module at JIMS is designed to provide rigorous exposure to our budding managers in the areas of inter-personal communication, business etiquette, time and stress management and leadership skills.

Dr. Satish Seth