Workshop on “Corporate expectation from Management Students” on 21st July 2018

An action-packed 3 hour long workshop on “The Expectations of Corporate from the Management Students” was conducted by Mr. Abhay Kr.  Saini, Sr. General Manager,  HR, Kent RO on 21st July 2018. Dr. J K Batra, Director, JIMS Kalkaji welcomed the guest of honor with JIMS’ Green Initiative.

Mr.  Saini has a vast experience of 39 years in Human Resource Management. He, through his experience, shared interesting stories highlighting parameters of competency like knowledge, skills and attitude.  He also highlighted the fact that all the competency parameters should be possessed by candidates in order to survive and succeed in corporate world. He emphasized on the use of technology in today’s world and also on the importance of reinventing oneself in order to increase competency level.

The most interesting part of the workshop was the self analysis game he made everyone play which reflected true self of people to some extent. This was accompanied by other mental activities like psychometric tests, role plays, negotiation skill development etc. Students were exposed to a simulated corporate environment, wherein they interacted and rediscovered themselves. They were taught to work on their weaknesses and to buff up on their respective strengths.

Definitely it was an informative and enriching session for the students.

Workshop: Campus to Corporate

A two-day workshop sketching from Campus to Corporate was organized for PGDM & PGDM (IB) batch 2017-2019 on July 13-14 2018 in the JIMS Kalkaji Campus. A cheerful introduction of the event was given by Ms. Sanjeela Mathur followed by a session of Ms. Megha Mittal, Founder Differentia Consultants where she had discussed insights on how to prepare for an interview and how to answer most appropriately the common questions asked during interview.


The next session was taken by Ms. Gopika Kumar where she taught students about Personal Grooming and Etiquette (social grace, etiquette and body language). Thereafter an enlightening session of Mr. Subrat Kumar, Director-Cinque Training was held where he focused on the insights of Corporate Expectations from students.


The interactive workshop of Campus to Corporate continued the next day also with the same enthusiasm. The session begun with Dr. Saniya Chawla. In her activity she made the students realized the importance of Time Management. The activity session was continued by Ms. Anju Shukla on the basic managerial skill Conflict Resolution and Stress Management where students got the opportunity to rate their abilities. Last but not the least, another interactive session was held by Ms. Jyoti Kukreja where she illuminated the minds of the students on the importance of Business Communication which included E-mail etiquette, telephone etiquette and listening skills. Overall, the workshop enhanced the students’ perspectives for corporate placements.

Workshop on Excel on 5th April 2018

‘Your employee should have superior technical skills than you. If he doesn’t it means you have hired the wrong person’- Jack Ma, Founder & CEO,

A Workshop on MS-Excel was conducted for PGDM & PGDM (IB) batch 2017-2019 in the campus auditorium on April 5, 2018. Mr. Sumeet Raisinghani, VP, M cube Financial Services and Mr. Sumit Mamtani, Head- Training and Operations guided students on the various features of MS Excel from corporate point of view. A glimpse of the various applications of this software was enthusiastically shared by the mentors for the day followed by a set of questions which was forwarded to test the students on their technical skills. It was an excellent workshop which was well appreciated by all the students.

Workshop on “Placement interviews” on 2nd December, 2017

A workshop on the topic: ‘Placement Interviews" was organized for PGDM and PGDM (IB) students batch (2016-2018) by Jagannath International Management School (JIMS) Kalkaji on Saturday, 2nd December 2017 by Mr. Rupak Agarwal , Founder and CEO,  Eveueme. He discussed the 5 Mantras about what interviewers look for like Collaboration Vs Competitive Mindset, Asking intelligent questions Vs simply directing, presentation skills to energize people around oneself, People skills Vs technical skills and lastly the Art of detailing.Also, there was a simulated live interview for students. He emphasized on the leadership behavioural skills like leading self, leading others and leading business. With his practical demonstration through the software for interview analysis , his knowledge and expertise the session was very enriching and greatly contributed specially  to the overall learning experience of the senior batch students. 

E-Week from 7th – 11th Nov, 2017

JIMS Kalkaji recently witnessed a glorious week which was elaborately themed after “Entrepreneurship”. The week took our students, faculty and participants even from outside the JIMS campus through a journey that touched each and every aspect of entrepreneurship and management. This was accomplished through several events competitions and activities. Over 250 participants from more than 35 colleges from Delhi University, IP University and AICTE approved Management colleges entered these events and displayed their mantle. Our institute was fortunate to welcome participation from renowned institutes such as  IIFT,  SRCC , Shaheed Sukdev Singh College of Business Studies, Moti Lal Nehru,  Jamia, Milia Islamia,  Lady Sriram, Bharti Vidyapeeth, , Kalindi College, Deshbandhu, Dayal singh, Fostima, Acahrya Narandra Dev,  Amity, Asian Business School, Manav Rachna University, Kamla Nehru College, IILM, FOSTIMA  amongst many others. The events saw a number of start-up founders share their journey, experience and insight into strengthening the entrepreneurial eco­- system amongst students. Active participation was witnessed in events like Business quiz, Treasure Hunt, T-Shirt Painting, Campus company, Chalchitra, IPL Auction and above all Business Plan competition where  participants presented their elaborate, innovative and thought provoking business plans that thoroughly impressed the audience. The day also witnessed a glorious Presentation Ceremony wherein our Director General, Dr. (Cdr.) Satish Seth and Director, Dr. J. K. Batra, graced the occasion and gave away certificates, cash prizes, VLCC & Smash Vouchers, BTW gift hampers etc. to the winners of several competitions held over the week. The week surpassed all expectations and filled everyone with exhilaration and inspiration.

Workshop on ‘Positivity and Work-Life Balance’ on October 7, 2017

Positive Thoughts Generate Positive Results! 

Keeping the above in mind, a workshop was organized by JIMS Kalkaji on the topic: 'Positivity and Work-life Balance' on October 7, 2017. Mr. Puneet Gupta, Training Consultant, Dale Carnegie, India was the Trainer of the day. The session began with an anecdote and further garnered self motivational aspects as to what leads to negative thinking and how positive thinking can become permanent.

Taking in stride that 'Clear goals make life simple' all workshop delegates under a team-building activity were given a task to chart-out and present their goals. A discussion ensued as to how to eliminate negative thoughts from all spheres of life. Several activities such as creative thinking, meditation and problem-solving was carried out. The session was highly appreciated as it was very informative and interactive. Dr. J.K. Batra, Director, JIMS Kalkaji delivered vote of thanks and presented memento.

Workshop on “Decoding Interviews: The Secret to Going Home with A Job That You Want!”

A workshop on the topic: ‘Decoding Interviews: The Secret to Going Home with A Job That You Want’ was organized for PGDM and PGDM (IB) students batch (2016-2018) by Jagannath International Management School (JIMS) Kalkaji on Monday, 23rd January 2017. Mr. Vipul Rawat from UGEN, an Employability Skills Academy was the Guest Speaker for the workshop. He discussed crucial aspects of personalities such as strengths and weaknesses and subsequently opportunities and threats based upon one’s relevance for industries that one may want to work with. It was emphasized that in order to be successful one must keep abreast of industry trends and requirements. With his immense knowledge and expertise the session was very enriching and greatly contributed to the overall learning experience of the students. 


JIMS Kalkaji recently witnessed a glorious week which was elaborately themed after “Entrepreneurship”. The week took our students, faculty and participants from the outside through a journey that touched each and every aspect of entrepreneurship and management. This was done with the help of several events competitions and activities. Over 250 participants entered these events and displayed their mantle. Our institute was fortunate to welcome participation from renowned institutes such as Jamia, Milia Islamia, Bharti Vidyapeeth, Amity, Asian Business School, Manav Rachna University, Kamla Nehru College, IILM, FOSTIMA and SRCC, New Delhi amongst many others.

 Our “E-Week” was inaugurated on 29th November 2016 with an informative and enlightening lecture delivered by Mr. Gagandeep Sapra. His insight about entrepreneurship was truly inspirational for our budding entrepreneurs. The Session was ably chaired by our Director- General, Dr Satish Seth and ended with a vote of thanks from our esteemed Director, Dr J.K Batra.  The Week saw a plethora of events ranging from Biz Quiz, Rags to Riches, T-Shirt Painting, Treasure Hunt, IPL Auction, Chalchitra to actually experiencing establishing a venture on the campus, called ‘Campus Company’. The Week also witnessed some rewarding moments when distinguished guests like Mr. Abhijeet Malhotra, Mr. Ravi Gupta and Mr. Kushal Prakash engaged in a Panel Discussion which gave wonderful insights to our students about entrepreneurship and managed to keep the audience thoroughly engaged. A great turning point in the week was ably brought by with an interactive talk delivered by Mr. Ashish Beergi, a social entrepreneur. The session turned out to be extremely interactive, when our respected guest took us through his journey of starting his own venture.

The final day of our Entrepreneurship week witnessed the much awaited event “Business Plan” which was judged by our esteemed guests for the day, Mr. Ankur Bhantnagar and Ms. Kalpana Sinha. Our participants presented their elaborate, innovative and thought provoking business plans. The day also witnessed a glorious Presentation Ceremony wherein our esteemed chairman, Dr Amit Gupta graced the occasion and gave away awards and prizes to the winners of several competitions held over the week. The week surpassed all expectations and filled everyone with exhilaration and inspiration.

Workshop on Business Idea Generation and Evaluation of Opportunity on 24th Oct, 2015

Entrepreneurship Cell of JIMS, Kalkaji has been working with the objective of encouraging students to become the Entrepreneurial Leaders of tomorrow. The cell is committed to encourage students into driving and thinking entrepreneurially and to explore entrepreneurship as a career option and way of life. The mission of the cell is to help create an Eco- System in the campus which is focused on  opportunity creation and value enhancement by providing and facilitating the necessary knowledge, skills and networks to be successful.  Entrepreneurship Cell is an endeavor to create opportunities for students in realizing their dreams of starting up and believe that innovation invigorates change and human progression.
A workshop was organized by Entrepreneurship –Cell of JIMS Kalkaji on ‘Business Ideas Generation and Evaluation of Opportunity’ on Saturday 24 October, 2015 from 9:00am – 12:00pm in the Auditorium. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Sanjay Kapoor, an Entrepreneur-Educator-Mentor-Investor. The workshop was attended by students of PGDM. It provided an opportunity to the members to evaluate the business potential of their ideas and develop a business plan to establish their start- ups. Workshop also generated interest amongst the student community to explore the options of becoming entrepreneurs and generate employment as an alternative to seeking employment. The workshop was a fine blend of innovative and creative pedagogy.

Workshop on Investor Awareness

A workshop on “Investor’s awareness” by Mr. Harbinder Singh , Manager BSE was held on 7th August 2015 in Campus Auditorium. The objective of the workshop was to make students aware about importance of investment, to earn good return on ideal resources and also make provision for uncertainties. He equipped our budding managers with the basic knowledge of investment and the pit holes to be taken care of while investing like obtaining written documents, reading and understanding such documents, find out the cost and benefit associated with the investment, assess risk – return profile of the investment, knowing the liquidity and safety aspect of the investment. He also cautioned the new investors to deal only through registered intermediaries. He also suggested the investors to explore alternate options in case something goes wrong with the investment. He also talked about mutual funds and stated that these professionally managed. Mutual funds provide diversification of portfolio, choice of schemes, liquidity, transparency and above all it is regulated by SEBI. He emphasized the fact that awareness about investments will help new investors know the associated risks, take intelligent decisions, understand the intricacies of financial markets and participate actively in the economic growth of the country by converting savings into investments.

Workshop on Self Defense

Violence against women has emerged as a major concern for law enforcement agencies all over the world. The level of violence that women encounter in societies is unfathomable. This is especially true of women in developing countries. Over the last few years, justice departments, police, civil societies and the Indian government have been busy in evolving new strategies and methods of combating violence against women. We cannot change the basic structure of society overnight, but each step in the ongoing effort to eradicate violence puts more pressure on those who condone the violence allow it to exist. No single government or international agency or civil society organization can hope to have an impact by working in isolation alone. Pooling resources, sharing strengths and knowledge and mutual support will allow end-violence levels to move to the next level. Hence, the fight against the sexual assault in society is the joint responsibility of community, neighborhood, family, civil society, media, education system, criminal justice system and the government. In the growing concern of safety for women a workshop on self defense was organized by JIMS in association with Delhi police on 27/07/15. A team of martial arts experts from the women wing of the Delhi police demonstrated the techniques to the girl students of JIMS as to how to protect themselves from eve-teasers and anti social elements. The girls were demonstrated several self defense mechanisms. The girls were also given a motivational talk by the ACP of Delhi police on women safety, the Chairman of JIMS Dr. Amit Gupta also addressed the students and encouraged them to stand up and speak against any atrocities on women, and he also felicitated the women volunteers of the Delhi Police and appreciated their noble efforts. The Director General Dr. Satish Seth and Director Dr. J.K. Batra were also present on the occasion.

Workshop on “E-tailing”

JIMS in collaboration with PHDCCI conducted a workshop in PHD Chamber of Commerce on 29th April, 2015 on the topic “e-tailing-Current Trends and Challenges”.

Workshop on “Investors Awareness”

A one day workshop on ‘Investors Awareness’ was held at JIMS, Kalkaji on 30th January, 2015. The workshop was well attended by PGDM International Business students.

Entrepreneurship WEEK from 4th-8th Nov, 2014

E-Cell of JIMS Kalkaji organized an Entrepreneurship Week from 4th November- 8th November, 2014. The event was marked by a series of lectures, quizzes and business competitions to create awareness about Entrepreneurship among students, enable them to showcase entrepreneurial talent, encourage them to participate in activities which would stimulate out- of box thinking and inculcate spirit of risk taking. The activities were designed accordingly and participation from the host campus as well as the participating colleges from Delhi university, Jamia- Millia and other AICTE- Approved Campuses drew fruitful results. Some of the major events were Business Quiz, Movie Magic, Campus Company and Business Plan competition.

Workshop- How to increase your Brand value

A workshop on “HOW TO INCREASE YOUR BRAND VALUE” was organized at JIMS Kalkaji on 10th November, 2104. It was conducted by Mr. Cedric Kenny, Founder/Director-Studio of Expression. It was a highly motivating and fervent workshop for the students with regard to the improvement of their personality and brand. The objective of the workshop was to share the different behavioral dimensions of organizational effectiveness effecting smartness, active habits, energy, enthusiasm and self confidence to increase an individual’s brand value.

Workshop- Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

JIMS, Kalkaji, New Delhi organized a one-day Workshop on "Finance for the Non-Financial Manager" on Tuesday, 14 October 2014 in association with PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Konrad Adenauer Foundation of Germany at PHD House,Siri Fort Institutional Area, New Delhi. Director, Dr. (Cdr.) Satish Seth and Mr. C M Krishna HonoraryAdviser, PHDCCI, welcomed the delegates from the Industry and Corporate. The Workshop focused on the basic knowledge of the financial principles and their application for decision making by the Non-Financial Managers. The Workshop was divided into 04 sessions covering understanding of Financial Statements, Analysis of Financial Statements, Budgetary control and Variance Analysis and Working Capital Management. Dr. J K Batra, Dean JIMS, Dr. Amit Bagga faculty JIMS, Mr. Ravi Tulshyan Manager Power Finance Coopration and Mr. Piyush, Manager Citi Bank were the speakers who shared their rich expertise and experience with the delegates.

Workshop on “Team Building”

JIMS in collaboration with PHD Chambers organized a workshop on “Team Building” on 26th August 2014 at the PHD Chambers, New Delhi.

Workshop-Ideation by NEN

A workshop was organized on 23rd Aug, 2014 by the E- Cell of JIMS, Kalkaji, to provide an opportunity to the students to ascertain their potential of creativity in starting a business. The objective of workshop for the potential entrepreneur was to motivate students to get ready for an entrepreneurial career by selecting a feasible business idea and by carrying out a self-assessment. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Sanjay, Kapoor, and the approach towards the objective was a blend of mentally stimulating activities and a thorough assessment of individual ideas. It was structured to assist potential entrepreneurs to:
• Generate business ideas. The participants were guided in how to use their own skills, knowledge and creative ideas, for developing and comparing different business options. 
• Conducted an entrepreneurial self-assessment and provided feed-back and guidance to improve entrepreneurial characteristics.

Workshop on “Stock Market”

A  Workshop on ‘Stock Market ‘for students of PGDM and PGDM IB was held on 08 August 2014. Ms. Malini Prasad, Zonal Marketing Head – North, ICICI Securities Ltd interacted with students on Importance of Stock Market for them.

Workshop on “High Impact Presentation Skills”

A workshop on “High Impact Presentation Skills” was conducted on 17th November, 2013 by Mr. Ignace Hindrick, Senior Consultant, India Consult, India and Belgium. HODs and faculty members from all JIMS campuses participated in the workshop. Mr. Hindrick spoke about the techniques of making effective and powerful presentations. He cited example of Steve Jobs and also showed some of his winning presentations to illustrate various presentation styles.

Workshop on “Basic Life Saving Techniques”

A workshop was conducted for PGDM students on 27th November 2013 on ‘Basic Life Saving Techniques’ by a team of doctors comprising of Dr. Vanita Mittal, Medical Director Delhi Region, Aapka Urgent Care Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Swati Saxena, HOD Internal Medicine, AUPL and Dr. Himanshu, Emergency Physician & Centre Head, AUPL representing Urgent Care Centre Hospital. The doctors and the paramedical staff of the hospital demonstrated the resuscitation procedure given to a cardiac patient in case of an emergency.

Successful Entrepreneurship Week

E-Cell organized an Entrepreneurship Week from 18th to 23rd November, 2013. The event was marked by a series of lectures, quizzes and business competitions to spread awareness and generate a strong spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the student community. The E-Week started with an enthusiastic participation in the “Group Discussion and Logo Design Competition” where the students displayed their business skills in myriad forms. The second event which showcased the quizzing abilities of the students was the Scholastic Bowl”. Another event which highlighted and gathered support and enthusiasm of the students was the “Money Mantra”, an online trading game which displayed the risk ability of the future entrepreneurs. “Knockdown” was another event which brought forward presentation skills of the student entrepreneurs. A feather in the cap of the E-Cell has been that some of these students have already launched their ventures on campus. The last day of the week witnessed creative and visionary skills of the students in the event “Movie Magic”.

Workshop on “Campus to Corporate”

A workshop was conducted for PGDM students by Mr. Ajay Choudhary, President HR, SRF Limited on the topic “Campus to Corporate” on 17th July 2013. He talked extensively to the students about the changing paradigm of management scenario, expectations from management students by the industry and making a mark in the competitive corporate world. He also emphasized the importance of following a disciplined and methodical approach to facilitate smooth transition from campus to corporate life. Mr. Choudhary urged the students to analyse the gap between their respective competencies and industry requirements. The session was informative and enlightening.

NHRDN Knowledge Session

As a part of tie-up of JIMS Kalkaji with NHRD Network (Delhi Chapter), Mr. Avinash Kohli, VP-HR, Citi Bank conducted a Knowledge Session on 13th July, 2013.

Workshop on ‘Stock Mind- The Hunt for tomorrow’s Smart Investor’

A one day workshop on ‘Stock Mind- The Hunt for tomorrow’s Smart Investor’ was held at JIMS, Kalkaji on 24th January, 2013. The workshop was well attended by PGDM students of JIMS Kalkaji. The speakers spoke on topics such as Online Trading, Call Option, Put Option etc. The speakers explained to the students the concept of Virtual Money and encouraged them to invest in stocks and manage their finances.

Workshop on “IT Applications in Business”

Eminent Professor, Dr. Sumit Sarkar, from University of Taxas at Dallas (USA) was invited to deliver a Guest Lecture to faculty members on IT applications in business. He enlightened all present on the latest developments in communication technology. His talk was extremely informative and provided a rich learning experience. He also shared his research experiences in USA which provoked immense interest and interaction amongst our faculty members.

“NHRD Event”

National Human Resource Development Network (NHRD) – Delhi and NCR chapter, organized an event on “Building a Strategy for Turnaround” on 25th October, 2012 at the PHDCCI. The Guest Speakers included Mr. P. Dwarakanath, Director- Group Human capital, Max India Ltd., Prof. Chandra P Shrimali Prof. HRM, MDI, Gurgaon and M. C Chakraborty, Assistant Executive Director- HR, Dalmia Bharat Enterprises Ltd. The speakers highlighted the importance of Industrial Relations for any organization. The speakers also emphasized on implementing strategies to establish better Industrial Relations in the present economic scenario. PGDM students from Kalkaji Campus participated in the event.

Workshop on ‘Organisation Development and Credit Management

A one day workshop on ‘Organisation Development and Credit Management was held at JIMS, Kalkaji on 13th October, 2012. The workshop was well attended by senior employees of Asset Care and Reconstruction Enterprises Ltd. (ACRE). The speakers included Dr. Satish Seth, Director, JIMS, Kalkaji, Dr. J.K Batra, Dean, JIMS Kalkaji and Dr. Neelam Tandon, Associate Professor, JIMS Kalkaji. The speakers spoke on topics such as Interpersonal Relations, Team Building, Credit Analysis and NPA Management in Indian banks and the SARFAESI Act, 2002.

Workshop on ‘Integration with MARKSTRAT’

A Four day workshop on ‘Integration with MARKSTRAT’ was held at JIMS, Kalkaji from 8th to 11th October, 2012. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Suman Modwel, Emeritus Professor of Business Policy, ENPC School of International Management, Paris. The workshop was well attended by select faculty and students from JIMS campuses. The faculty members and students worked on a simulation tool and learnt the concepts of brand portfolio strategy, segmentation and positioning. On the final day all the teams presented their strategic key findings and results to Dr. Modwel, Dr. Satish Seth and Dr. AK Sengupta. It was a great learning exercise for the participating faculty and PGDM students

“Mock Interviews”

Jims organized Mock Interviews for PGDM (2011-13) batch. Top notch executives from corporates like Tata Motors, IndusInd bank, EXL (Finance) visited the campus to share their experiences with students and prepare them for stress interviews. The experts guided the students on improving their presentation skills, answering key questions precisely and inculcating a reading habit. The exercise aimed at not only promoting academic-industry cooperation but also preparing the students for the placement season which is just around the corner.

“Pro- Talk”

JIMS in association with IMCI organised a ‘Professional Talk’ by Mr Aquil Busrai on “Blue print for Success in Management Career on 18th July, 2012. Mr. Busrai talked to the students about the changing paradigm of management scenario, expectations from management students by the industry and how a management student can build his or her own networking team and flourish in his respective field. The students took keen interest and asked a lot of questions about blueprinting best management practices.

Workshop on “Management Consulting”

IMCI in association with JIMS organized 8th International Management Consultant Day on 7th July 2012. The topic for the meet was “Management Consulting – No More an Old Boys Club: Strategies To Remain Relevant and Competitive in today’s world. Mr. Devashish Banerjee, Country Manager& Director of Crown Agents India (Pvt.) Limited and Mr. Sharad Dhondiyal, Manager, Deloitte spoke on the role of management consultants all over the world and in India in particular. They also spoke about the challenges faced by Consultants while executing complex projects. The speakers highlighted the importance of analytical thinking and understanding customer expectations with a view to delivering total customer satisfaction. The session was highly interactive and provided rich learning for all the participants.

Workshop on “Best Practices in Teaching”

Workshop on Teaching-Learning Practices was organized by JIMS at its Kalkaji campus on 22nd March 2011. Faculty members of Good Management Institutes affiliated to IP University attended the workshop. The workshop was inaugurated by Cdr. (Dr) Satish Seth, Director JIMS, Kalkaji. Senior faculty Prof. S C Sharma made a compressive presentation on teaching-learning practices including fresh initiatives taken by JIMS to equip the students with life-time conceptual understanding in core areas of management. Dr A S Sethi, made a presentation on monitoring mechanisms and assessment and outcomes of various initiatives. The workshop was highly interactive and participants found it most useful.

Workshop on Interview Skills

A workshop on “Interview skills” was organized by JIMS Kalkaji for PGDM students on 8 November, 2011. The workshop focused on providing “hands on” knowledge to students on various techniques used in interviews. The workshop was divided into two sessions in which various parameters like dress code, body language and mobile etiquettes were discussed which are crucial for future best B School. The eminent speakers included Mr. Ashok Sharma, Head Marketing, Mr. K.Narpat Singh, HR-Head and Ms. Gunjan Chawla, Accounts Manager from Educomp Raffles Higher Education Ltd., Mr. Harpreet Singh, Country Head-NRI Business and Wealth Advisory Services, HDFC Bank, and Mr. Murli Krishna G.

Workshop on Project Management

A workshop on “Project management” was organized by JIMS Kalkaji in collaboration with PHDCCI and KAF, Germany on 08th Aug, 2011. 35 delegates attended the workshop. Eminent faculty who conducted the sessions included Mr. Pradeep Narula,Group President,Wave Inc , Dr.Satish Seth,Director JIMSand Dr. Kavita Singh,Associate Professor,FMS,University of Delhi.The sessions were highly interactive as group exercises were also conducted.

Workshop on “Union Budget”

JIMS Kalkaji organized a panel discussion on Union Budget 2010-11 on 9th March, 2011. The Panel consisted of highly eminent and practicing professionals including Ms. Mythili Bhusnur Math, Consulting Editor Economic times, Dr. Mathew Joseph, Professor ICRIER, Dr. K.B.L Mathur, Former Senior Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance, Dr. N.Dhamija, Former Professor, IIM(Ahmedabad), and Prof.S.C.Sharma, Professor, JIMS. The panelists made an incisive analysis of current fiscal situation and imbalances, impact of fresh tax proposals, changes in expenditure pattern and its impact on different segments of the society. The students found the discussions highly illuminating.

Workshop on “Financial Planning”

A one day workshop on “Financial Planning” was organized by Mr. Mukul Jain, a certified financial education trainer of the Securities and Exchange Board of India, for PGDM students. He discussed issues such as financial planning, inflation effects and power of compounding. He also discussed time value of money and various investment vehicles. It was an interactive session for PGDM students and they learnt a lot.


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