JIMS, E-Books:       36

1. Business Models/ Christian Nielsen & Morten Lund (Eds) 
2. Compiler Design/ Helmut Seide, Reinhard Wilhelm & Sebastian Hack 
3. Corporate- Valuation and Takeover/ Robert Alan Hill
4. Developing an Internet Marketing Strategy/ The Internet Marketing Academy
5. Essentials of Macroeconomics/ Peter Jochumzen
6. Essentials of Microeconomics/ Krister Ahlersten
7. Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management/ Dawei Lu
8. Introduction to Computer Based Control Systems/ IDC Technologies
9. Organisational Theory/ Jorgen Lalgoard
10. Six Sigma/ Gralme Knowles
11. Strategic Management/ Neil Ritson
12. Understanding Organisation Part-II/ Tony Greener
13. Business Research Methods/ Dr. Sue Greener
14. Customer Relation Management/ Roger Baran, Christopher & Michael Zenes
15. Effective Management Decision Making/ Ian Pownell
16. Essentials of Marketing Research/ Paurav Shukla
17. Essentials of Statistics/ David Brink
18. Google Beyond Google/ Varinder Taprial & Priya Kanwar
19. Operations Strategy/ Ted James
20. Project Management/ Olaf Passenheim
21. Strategic Marketing/ Andrew Whalley
22. Statistics for Business and Economics/ Marcelo Fernandes
23. Strategic Financial Management/ Robert Alan Hill
24. Vreating an Entrepreneurial Mindset/ Roger Cowdrey MIBC
25. Creating Your CV as a Self Marketing Tool/ Paul H. Brisk
26. Delegation and Empowerment/ Eric Garner
27. From Reactive to Proactive/ Susan Quinn
28.    How to Improve Motivation/ Anthony Bagshawe
29. Interview Secrets Exposed/ Garin F. Redelmen
30. Project Leadership- Step by Step Part-I/ Svein- Arne Jessen
31. Recruitment and Selection/ Eric Garner
32. Resume Secrets Exposed/ Garin F. Redelman
33. Social Media and Business Intelligence/ CIO Whitepapers
34. The Art of Managing People/ Eric Garner 
35. There’s no “I” in Team/ Apex Leadership Ltd.
36. Time to Get Hired/ Employment Care


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