Visiting Faculty (Academicians)

S.No. Faculty Name Qualification Area of Specialization Experience
1. Mr Hari Parmeshar B.Com (Hons), MBA (HR), Masters in Business Law 20 years
2. Prof. Bharat Bhushan M.Com,M.Phill Fin,A/C, Corporate Legal Env 22 years
3. Sumit Chaudhury PGDPM, B.Sc(Hons.),LL.B,MA(SW) Human Resource 20 years
4. Deepak Tandon MBA,M.Sc.,LLB, Finance 15 years
5. Dr. Girish Ahuja Ph.D,M.Com Finance 15 years
6. Dr. Chandra Shekhar Sharma Ph.D,M.Com Finance 12 years
7. Dr. Satya Bhushan Ph.D,M.Sc. (Stats) Quantitative Techniques 15 years
8. Dr. R P Rustagi Ph.D, M.Com, M.Phil Finance 30 years
9. Prof. R. Shankar M.Tech(IT) Software Engg. 20 years
10. Dr. Kanhaiya Singh Ph.D,M.Com ,M.A.,CAIB Finance 16 years
11. Mr. D.K. Gupta C.A.,B.Com(Hons.) Financial Management 16 years
12. Dr. Poonam Verma Ph.D,M.Com Human Resources 20 years
13. Mr. R.K.Arora M.Phill,M.Com Financial Management 20 years
14. Dr. Anupam Verma Ph.D International Business Business Mgt. 25 years


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