Singapore Trip

Global Immersion Programme of JIMS Kalkaji at National University of Singapore from 15th Dec – 20th Dec 2017

A group of 60 students from PGDM International Business visited Singapore with the objective of getting awareness of global strategies in business. It was designed for the understanding and development of the Indian students focused towards internationalization.  

On 15th Dec 2017 students had their first session of Programme introduction and Orientation. The students were briefed about the lectures and the objective of the programme. In the second session Professor I.Mahmood discussed the business strategies in Asia, the current scenario and the innovative and new strategies of global business development. On 16th Dec 2017 Mr. Philip Wee from the retail sector discussed IKEA and explained in detail its planning process, product innovation, marketing strategies and pricing policy. It was a detailed case study and then the students were given project work. They had to visit IKEA and explain certain parameters and give the analysis. On 17th Dec 2017 was an excursion to various and significant landmarks of Singapore. On 18th Dec 2017 students did practical work by visiting the Local Transport Authority (LTA) gallery and understood how transportation system was developed in Singapore. Then the students visited the Urban Redevelopment Authority and explanation was given as to how the Singapore city is planned and the plans are redesigned every 5years. This was good practical learning and they had to answer certain questions in groups after the visit. Then they were also exposed to the business district of Singapore to make them aware of the business culture. On 19th Oct 2017 Mr. Saurabh Garg from HP Ltd. gave a practical overview of how HP has used different strategies to make it a market leader in Asia and in the world. He showed the various range of printers that they manufacture to suit the requirements of different types of people. In the last session Prof. Seet Min Kok programme Director, Dept of Economics at NUS discussed the global financial crisis and the lessons learned from it.

All the lectures were very informative and students were attentive and interacted with the speakers. The practical training also gave them a broader picture of how business functions, town planning takes place and transport authorities function in a city. The students also learnt group dynamics for problem-solving, team work, and to become more innovative and productive, along with other professional tools.  

Global Immersion Programme at Nanyang Technological University Singapore by JIMS PGDM (IB) Students Batch 2016-18

First year students of PGDM (IB) JIMS Kalkaji visited The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore. NTU is consistently ranked amongst the world's best universities in all of the major college and university rankings and is regarded as one of the top 3 universities in Asia. In the 2016 QS World University Rankings, NTU was ranked 13th in the world and 2nd in Asia. In the 2016 Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings, NTU was ranked 2nd in Asia. Global Immersion Programme was a unique opportunity for students to enhance their understanding and knowledge on International culture and academic standards.

Various sessions were were taken by very eminent faculties. One of the sessions was taken by Prof Hooi Den Huan on key marketing concepts and Singapore growth model was discussed. Prof Hooi is a marketing guru and the director of Nanyang Technopreneurship he has co authored books with Philip Kotler. The session explained key marketing concepts. Professor also introduced students with a new concept of “market-ing”. A session on entrepreneurship and how one can start business in Singapore; what are various funding options etc. was also taken.  During the Global Immersion Programme students also got the opportunity to interact with Prof. Nilanjan Sen, Director Nanyang Executive MBA, on international finance. Prof. Sen is one of the top banking and finance professor who concurrently holds an adjunct associate professor position at Lorange Institute, Zurich. Prof. Sen discussed international financial scenario and discussed practical aspects on international finance. Foreign Exchange Risk management was discussed with various financial exposures. Derivatives were also discussed with lot of example on call and put options.

Students also got an opportunity to attend lecture by Prof. Vijay Sethi on IT and digital economy where global trends and innovation were discussed. Dr. Sethi is a professor at Department of information Technology and operations management; He discussed the dynamics and drivers of the digital economy and trends in IT and innovations. Prof Sethi also discussed Network and platforms on IT with a case on Apple industries.

Students also visited various Industries during the Global Immersion Programme. Students visited NEWater plant (Singapore's Public Utilities Board) where they were showcased how water is managed by the Singapore's Public Utilities Board. They also visited Singapore authority’s center where they were given details on Singapore development in the past and future master plan for next 30years. One more visit was at transportation center of Singapore. Students also visited Santosa island. Sentosa is a popular island resort in Singapore which has Resorts World Sentosa, featuring the theme park Universal Studios Singapore. Overall it was a very enriching experience for students. 

Visit of PGDM(IB) Batch 2015-17 to Nangyang Technical University, Singapore

A one week long certificate course in “Global Immersion programme” was organized for PGDM IB (2015-17) students at Nangyang Technical University Singapore from 28/11/15 to 05/12/15. 53 students participated in the programme and were accompanied by Dr. Akshat Dubey. It was an enriching experience for the students to learn in a premier university and interact with leading professors in the world like Mr Dan Huan (co author with Philip Kotler) Prof. Vijay Sethi (adjudged best professor by the Economist) on the nuances of International trade, marketing and finance, the role of e- commerce in today’s dynamic business environment and the business possibilities for start ups in Singapore. The students also visited several industrial establishments like the Urban Redevelopment centre, Singapore water treatment plant, shemanoo cycle facility to have a hands on experience of the functioning of business enterprises in Singapore along with the theoretical inputs which helped them to attain a holistic view of International Business.

Visit of PGDM(IB) Batch 2014-16 to MDIS, Singapore

An educational Tour to Management Development Institute Singapore (MDIS), Singapore for one week certificate course was organized from 29th Nov, 2014 to 6th Dec, 2014. 57 students participated in the programme accompanied with Ms. Sanjeela Mathur, Associate Professor, JIMS Kalkaji. It was a breakthrough in exposing students to the nuance of managing business internationally. The sessions were an ideal combination of hands-on experience along with the theoretical inputs which broadened the horizon and perspectives of the students.

Visit of PGDM(IB) Batch 2013-15 to Singapore

An educational Tour to Singapore for one week certificate course on “Understanding Asian Business Environment” with Management Development Institute Singapore (MDIS), Singapore was organized from 2nd Dec, 2013 to 8th Dec, 2013. 56 students participated in the programme. Dean, Dr. J. K. Batra accompanied the students. The visit was a rich learning experience for the students to understand the cross-cultural differences of India and Singapore and economic development of both the countries.

Industrial Trip to Singapore

JIMS Kalkaji organized an educational tour to Singapore for PGDM(IB) students from 6 to 12 Feb., 2011. Dr. (Cdr.) Satish Seth, Director, accompanied the students. The students participated in a Certificate Course in International Marketing at MDIS, Singapore. During their stay, they visited Singapore Land Transport authority and the Marina Barrage. Students were extremely happy with the visit as they got excellent exposure in global marketing and cross cultural aspects.


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